Taiko Workshops

Sunday Practice Sessions

We meet every Sunday from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at the Valley Japanese Community Center in Sun Valley, CA. If you want to give it a try come on down the first session is free! Dress for a workout and bring water.

The practice sessions cost $10.00 per session or $40.00 per month.

Please call in advance as we might adjust the meetup times

Call: Michael Naishtut at (323) 578-39 Thirty Two

School Programs

School programs can be developed with a short performance, demonstration and explanation of the history of the instruments and terminology. School workshops can be special intensives or ongoing in-school programs.

After School Enrichment and Mobile Workshops

Akaoni Daiko now offers an after school on going enrichment program called


Genki Daiko will come to your school for a weekly one hour after school enrichment program to teach your children Taiko!

Learning taiko drumming will increase your child’s confidence as they learn to play rhythms that at first were difficult and, through perseverance, gradually become natural!

  • They will learn about focus and improve their stage presence!
  • They will improve their sense of rhythm and understanding and appreciation of music!
  • They will learn about Japanese and Asian culture and language!
  • They will have fun!

Please contact us for more info.

Corporate Programs

We also offer Corporate training workshops designed for team building and solidifying group cohesiveness.

Special Workshops

Then there are special workshops for specific needs.

For example, hired as entertainment for a wedding party, we secretly trained the happy couple who got up after our performance and stunned their guests with an “improvised” taiko duet! 

We trained a group of actors to add a short taiko piece to their play.

We also worked with a group of women who blew everyone away with a taiko performance as the stage finale at the Tokyo Pride parade. 

Please contact us for more info.